About Kayte Mae Photography

This blog is a solo project constructed by Kait, full name Kaitlyn Langmaid.
Photography has consumed a good portion of my life, starting at the age of 14. It was secondary to writing and drawing. Photography started dominating my hobby time once I hit the age of 17, and it wasn’t considered a career opportunity until I ended my first year of college. Graduating Oakland Community College with an Associates Degree in Applied Science and a certificate in Photographic Science, I left the building with the ambition to pursuit portrait photography and fine arts photography.
I am not known for a specific style of photography. Adaptable is the key word I’d like to use to describe my body of work. I find it a flaw knowing that I can’t be strong in one particular study of photography, but I’d prefer to be well rounded.
I’ve come to love shooting with film over digital files. With time, I will be posting both formats for everyone to see.

In order to contact me, through email is the best way to do so at KayteMaePhotography@gmail.com .

You can also book me on Wedding Wire!
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