Looking For Spring

Winter was hitting me hard this past season. I don’t know what it was, but winter always has a way to bring me down into the dumps. Not only that, but it really challenges me as a photographer to find inspiration to photograph anything. Everything seems gray and dead, and being out in the cold is beyond unpleasant for me. Near the end of winter when some plants were trying to pop in, I tried to give myself the task of looking for spring. The goal was to find color in this monochrome season. But honestly, I was going insane and if I didn’t go outside, I would have started rolling on the floor due to boredom.


LookingForSpring-6524LookingForSpring-6562  LookingForSpring-6556



LookingForSpring-6439LookingForSpring-6557  LookingForSpring-6516  LookingForSpring-6501 LookingForSpring-6483  LookingForSpring-6464 LookingForSpring-6460 LookingForSpring-6459 LookingForSpring-6449 LookingForSpring-6458 LookingForSpring-6454


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